Currently being developed on Main Street in the City of Poughkeepsie, New York that combines several elements:

  • Utilization of Unoccupied Building Space.
  • Employment of at risk residents, (Veterans, Youth, Special Needs, Ex Incarcerated etc,) who are challenged to find work given their skills and Socio/Economic/Academic background.
  • Provide a supply of Organic, Living, High Density Micronutrients for Health and Wellness of All.

The compelling characteristics of IOGP Microgreens:

  1. Organic: No Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, non-GMO, Chemical Fertilizer
  2. Live:  Harvested and Dehydrated Immediately at Room temp without compromising live components of the plant.
  3. High Density Micronutrients:  51,600 IU/100g Vitamin A, beta carotene.  Freshly picked Mature Broccoli has 623 IU/100g.
  4. Availability: Harvested every day year around.
  5. Shelf Life (Powder): More than several months if kept in airtight container.
  6. Pure Veggies:  Zero additives, fillers or emulsifiers.
  7. Small Dosage: 1 tsp per day, 25 tsp/ounce. 
  8. Convenience:  Sprinkle on any prepared food prior to consuming.
  9. Sulforaphane: You MUST learn about SULFORAPHANE!!!