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You have my permission to share the enclosed diagnostic summary on our 12 year old white English lab, Maggie. Maggie has had double hip replacements stemming from bad DNA bloodline but up until 6 months ago she has been very active and weighed 88 lbs. Over a 90 day period she stopped eating completely, lost 22 lbs. and could not lift herself off the floor and had to be carried outside to relieve herself. After two exploratory surgeries and testing with the final diagnosis enclosed you will see 14 chronic issues that led us to make the decision to put her asleep. After visiting with you about your companies micro-nutrient vegetable powder as a last resort. We put her on two small teaspoons of powder combined with her diet of chicken and rice approximately 60 days ago. We are happy to report that Maggie has regained her robust appetite and is back jumping on furniture and in to cars without any assistance. She has gained 8 lbs. back over the last 30 days. You will note she had elevated liver enzymes and active pancreatitis in addition to other multiple chronic conditions that were found during testing. She also had a growth on her left eyelid that has dried up and fallen off. We believe that your product is directly responsible for bringing Maggie back from a very, very bad physical state. We continue to not only use your product for Maggie but also my wife had reverse shoulder replacement surgery 5 weeks ago and she and I are both strong believers in the effect that your broccoli and radish powder has and it’s impact on her recovery as well as the ligaments in my double knee replacements from last year. I hope this will impact others who have similar issues and are willing to try your incredible product.

Thank you,
James R, Nancy S and Maggie


In June 2019, I was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy (Berger’s Disease) after going for a kidney biopsy approximately a month prior. I had symptoms that prompted the biopsy which included high levels of protein in my urine, high blood pressure and swelling in my hands and feet. My GFR was 60, on my way to stage 3 Diabetic Kidney Failure. My doctor had told me to change my eating habits and to continue with the blood pressure medication I had been taking for a year or so. On July 2nd, I started taking 1.5 teaspoon of microgreen powder, once per day. Four days later, I noticed my hands and feet were no longer swelling and I was able to easily place my wedding band on my finger. Prior to that, I didn’t wear it because it didn’t fit. I upped my dosage to 2 teaspoons per day in a smoothie once per day because I was starting to notice great results. My ankles had stopped swelling as well. I also experienced more energy, more mental clarity, and a slight decrease in my appetite, so avoiding snacking became much easier. On August 7th I had gone for a follow-up. When they checked my blood pressure, it was completely normal. It went from 156/104 to 119/69. The nurse took it a few times just to be sure because she was so surprised. A couple days later, my blood results were in and everything was normal. The only thing I had changed was adding the microgreen powder to my diet. In just a short amount of time, my health had improved significantly and I look forward to seeing what other positive results come from this wonderful product!


I started taking this product less than 2 months ago after hearing about all of its benefits. I take about 1 1/2 teaspoon, once per day (late morning). Right away, I experienced an increase in energy. I always have coffee in the morning and would feel the crash a few hours later, but with taking the vegetable powder, I no longer get that tired feeling and my energy stays throughout the day (with or without the coffee). I have tried all different supplements to get this result and they always made me shaky and lasted just a couple hours. This product, however, does not do that at all. It is more of a natural energy. I also had some hair thinning due to having four children. Within a few weeks, I noticed that the thinner areas started to grow back. This was a nice change that I wasn’t expecting! I also experienced a decrease in appetite. With four children in the house, it’s hard to say no to snacks, but since I started the microgreen powder, its been so easy! I don’t have cravings for sweets or salty snacks. I have only been on the powder for a short amount of time and have lost 6 pounds not even trying. I also have a thyroid issue, and will be getting bloodwork completed soon to check my current levels. I am interested to see if that has improved, but I have a feeling it has! Its super easy to take. I add it to Ranch dip or any dressing and eat it with some carrots or other raw veggies. I add the powder to smoothies for the kids. It goes down super easy and is by far the best product I have used because of the actual results I have gotten.


We (Laurie, Margaret Ann & myself) have included in meals daily since you gave to us. Margaret Ann’s face is healing nicely. Plastic Surgeon was surprised how nicely it has healed. Have been eating the best we have ever eaten since July 4th.My appetite has gone down, and we do feel good. As of today, I could see ourselves adding this to food daily from here on out.


In accordance with our conversation, these are my initial observations of the Microgreen Preparation after three weeks of low dose ( 1/2 TSP once in AM and then PM ) maintenance intake.

1- A general feeling of overall well being. This makes sense because in the build up of cellular steady state concentrations any basal levels of inflammation in the body will be reduced, as manifested by aches/pains etc.

2- Had an extraction of two teeth in the back. The healing process was exceedingly fast, within 48 hours all swelling, pain, puffiness was all gone. After the teeth were removed the level of inflammation was almost non existent. These are empiric observations after just three weeks of low maintenance dosing.


John said you are interested in my experience in taking your IOGP Microgreens as a source of relief and maybe a cure to my pulmonary illness. On 3/28/19 my doctor gave me the following results of a biopsy done on my lung. I have an illness that is causing inflammation in the upper left section of my right lung. This is causing shortness of breath and coughing. The doctor said they don’t have a cure for this unique illness and that I will have to live with it. The doctor recommended I take Prednisone. I was on Prednisone before and although it did provide some relief, I didn’t like the side effects. Instead of the Prednisone, I have been taking your IOGP Microgreens. I have taken them for 2 months. One tablespoon 3 times a day. Although I am not cured, it has given me as much relief as the Prednisone did and with no side effects. I know that one of the benefits your Microgreens is that it has a healing effect on inflammation. I am praying that it has this effect on my lung.

All the Best,

Update: As of 7/5/2019 this fellow continues to be “symptom free” and taking only IOGP Powder as a treatment. i.e Zero Prednisone which had been used previously to combat inflammation, with significant negative side effects.


Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie
Brud Hodgkins, President

This is NOT intended to imply any indication that IOGP Powder would have similar results in any other person nor Cure, Treat, or Prevent any illness of any kind.
IOGP will be a source of anecdotal and Scientific references as we receive them. If you are inclined to “try” our Unique Products we appreciate that and while we have confidence of a positive result only you can make that judgement.
IOGP Products are 100% Natural and Certified Organic. No formularies, No Chemicals, Living as a Fresh Raw Vegetables comprised, as Nature intended, of Vitamins, Minerals and the myriad of Compounds found in Nature.
IOGP is dedicated to the notion put forth by Hippocrates in the 4th Century BC, “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE< LET MEDICINE BY THY FOOD”!

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