IOGOP Newsletter 10


There is a bit of a “Fall Chill” in the air today, giving us a gentle reminder that the Sun is moving further away each day with less daylight to be enjoyed.   However, the Microgreens at IOGP are not aware of this and continue to enjoy life in their “beds” where the Heat and Light is the same year around.

A couple of significant events have happened in the still new IOGP Project that many folks have been asking about.

  1. Labor – We are in the process of adding another Agency to our existing source of workers.   EXODUS is an Agency contracted to provide re entry employment to folks who have had challenges in their lives and are ready to pursue a job that will lead to productive independence. We are also working with three others for labor resources in the near future.   This is in addition to our Partnership already with Family Services and Nubian Directions.

As we gather more experience with this group of folks it is becoming obvious, and exciting, that once given an opportunity they are excellent workers.   Our requirements are quite simple: “Show up on time with a good attitude”.

Brian and Chrystal, who were introduced to us through Nubian Directions through their Summer Program are now part of the IOGP regular Team.   They are both Terriffic!!!!

As Demand for our Products grows, we will be hiring plenty more from these sources.   Thanks to many of our IOGP NATION supporters for helping spread the word.

  1. Healthy Cities and Counties Project – Marcus Molinaro announced this Major Project a few weeks ago at a Press Conference at IOGP Headquarters, 316 Main St, and we are about to launch the Pilot Phase. (available on Internet)

We will be providing three groups (5th Graders at Kreiger School in City of Poughkeepsie, Seniors through the Dutchess County Office of Ageing, and an After School program in the City of Poughkeepsie) with Microgreens on a weekly basis with the objective of measuring their level of Ingestion (do they in fact eat them, unlike much of the Nutritional sources available to them currently in much less concentrated form).

Presuming it is confirmed that Ingestion has been accomplished (Smoothies for the Youth, Salad for the Seniors), we can then observe results expected when this Target Audience consumes adequate levels of Nutrition.

We are very excited about this Project in collaboration with City of Poughkeepsie Schools, Office of Ageing, Dyson Foundation, Healthquest, Rose and Kiernan, IOGP and others.

While there is a substantial database of Research that establishes the High Concentration of Nutrition in Microgreen Stage vegetables (internet search: Nutrition Microgreens) vs equal amounts of Mature Stage vegetables, I suspect the IOGP Microgreens contain even higher levels.   Toward that thesis we are searching for a Food Analysis Lab to do specific analysis of IOGP produce.

I have included here a memo sent to our Nutrition Expert, Ms Roufia Payman who is part of the Healthquest contribution to the Healthy Cities and Counties Project.   This sets forth several of the notions I have formed regarding IOGP specific products.


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