IOGOP Newsletter 6


When we decided to do an Indoor Grow Project, one of the issues that were compelling was that we could preclude the Weather as a factor. What we didn’t anticipate was that here on May 17th adverse weather is still a factor, which we are in fact precluding.  Maybe we will get some Spring by 4th of July.

Thanks to all in IOGP Nation for your continued support by accessing your Fresh, Flavorful, Nutritious Microgreens from our Faithful Partners.

Adams, Mother’s Earth, Nature’s Pantry, Quattro’s, Marona’s and now also available at Jarrod Delforno’s Deli on Hooker Ave.

We also have a growing list of Restaurant’s that are using our Microgreens and urge you to thank them for their support of this Project to “Make Poughkeepsie Great Again”! and, in the interest of fair and balanced, “we will be “ughe”!

If you have a favorite Food Venue, Restaurant or Store, that would like to speak with us about a Microgreen Source, please let us know and we will contact them with samples and an invitation for a personal tour.

Alfresco, Bear Mountain Inn, Chuang Yen Monastery, Crave, Crew, Daryl’s House, Henry’s at Buttermilk Falls, Hop Beacon, Hudson St Café, Kendal on Hudson, The Local, Lola’s Café, Mill House Brewing, Millbrook Country Club, Millbrook School,

Mountain Brauhaus, Outdated Café, Poughkeepsie Day School, Powelton Club, River Market Bar and Kitchen, Roost, Roundhouse at Beacon Falls, Ship to Shore, Stissing House, Tamarack, Traghaven, Crew, Mohonk Mountain House, Prime at the Plaza, Rabbit and Turtle, Twisted Soul, Le Express, Seravan, CIA, Shatzi’s, Cosimo’s are among our growing number of user’s and supporter’s.

Mary Kay Verba and her group came through again in hosting an event at the Grandview on May 5th where various Dutchess County providers gathered for Networking and Awards.

Tony DiMarco of Global Center for Entrepreneurship Network stopped in to take a look and is helping us meet some like minded folks in the area whom are trying to stimulate commerce in the Valley through startup businesses.

Jim Fogler, newly appointed Publisher of the Poughkeepsie Journal was in for a tour and we look forward to his good services to help us keep the community informed and involved with our Project. Jim is a “local kid” and excited to be back in DC.   Get to know him, he’s a good guy!!

Of course the Signature Event of the Month in many ways was the celebration of Dennis and Marilyn Murray’s Retirement at Marist College. The after party was held in the “recently renovated “state of the art” dining area.   I was very pleased to find out that Red Barn Produce in Highland had sold them IOGP Microgreens for the event.   (Hey, so I do a little name dropping!)

Bill Boettger and I attended the Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Development Derby Party on May 7th, where we also donated a supply of IOGP MG’s for the attendee’s enjoyment. We were a co-sponsor of Alexis Mills, a recent 40 Under 40 Recipient and now a Proud Graduate of Leadership Dutchess. Alexis is VP of COBESO a local Group Benefits Company. Congratulation Alexis we are all very Proud of You!!!

Brud has recently become a member of the Dutchess County Criminal Justice Council and will have an opportunity to become more aware and knowledgeable of the issues facing our Society in that area.   This experience is especially significant in that IOGP plans are to interface with that segment as an important source of Employees.   Based on my first meeting, there are some VERY EXCITING initiative’s in the works to remodel the current system.

On Thursday 5/19 we are expecting delivery of our “next generation” LED lighting assemblies from a Lab in NJ that we are collaborating with.   We continue to work on using the most Effective and Efficient methods throughout our project and this will be a Big next step.   Among other things our goal is to provide only Red and Blue light, which are plants (and many people) favorite and only necessary color. This way the energy used to supply the other five colors in the spectrum (Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet) is not necessary.

We also were visited by two Ladies from Otjiwarongo, Namibia (yes as in Africa!) Dr Laurie Marker and her Associate Teresia Robitschko are involved in the Cheetah Conservation Fund, which Dr Marker founded. (Google Dr Marker and the Cheetah Conservation Fund if you want to see a Resume of a Servant to the Planet!!!) We are looking forward to taking IOGP to Africa and teaming up with FFA (Future Farmers of Africa) and help them tap into the Nutritional Magic of Microgreens.   Our preliminary thoughts include using Solar to produce electricity to run our lights and fans, use a Dehumidifying process to extract sufficient water from the air to satisfy our minimal water needs, and bury our Gardens in shipping containers to defeat the heat issues.

The project with Poughkeepsie Schools has now expanded to include Dutchess County Senior Citizens of which we will keep you posted.

Enjoy the Spring and don’t forget to Ingest and Absorb your IOGP Microgreens.

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