IOGOP Newsletter 5


 Happy May Day!!!

Earl has now completed Table#15 bringing our capacity to 225 pounds per week. We continue to promote and introduce folks to our 316 Main St Project through various Community Activities. In the end its our Friends at IOGP Nation that spread the Word to everyone they know.

Triple Sustainability

  1. Environmental: No Pesticides, No Fertilizer, No Miles of Transportation, Minimal Energy, Minimal Water, etc.
  2. Social: Hiring Local Residents, especially Young People challenged to find work.
  3. Economic: Occupy City Properties and keep them on the Tax Rolls by running a Profitable, Self Funding and Sustainable Business.

We had some great fun this past month in hosting Groups from the Master Gardeners, 38 folks, in conjunction with the Cornell Extension Service, The Poughkeepsie Garden Club arranged by Jane Banta Fisher graced us with a 55 person visit, several from the Chuang Yen Buddist Monastery in Carmel stopped by and now use our Microgreens in their healthy diet.

Karole and Ginny participated in the Lunafest at the Eleanor Roosevelt Val Kill location as a guest of Executive Director Kathleen Durham. IOGP provided the Microgreens for the Dinner Salad which were chosen by Chef Bruce Kazan of Main Course.

City of Poughkeepsie Clinton School visited us on Wednesday 4/26 with 54 Third Graders and everyone had a Ball especially Lori Hodgkins who worked the Event with the IOGP Staff. All these children were very interested and very well behaved. (Jane Austin, another IOGP charter member and past Garden Club President (along with being President of many other Hudson Valley organizations) reminded me that she taught there a while back)

Another Group was the Hyde Park Girl Scouts (15 strong) who dropped by on 4/28 to see how Microgreens grow and how healthy they are for you.   All tour groups, kids at least, take home a seeded cup of Microgreens to put on their windowsill and watch grow. We also touch on the Photosynthesis process, the need for a Nutritious Diet and the Nutrition Content in Microgreens. (40 times more concentrated than Red Cabbage for example. One ounce of Red Cabbage equals 2.5 pounds of mature Red Cabbage. Google Microgreens/Nutrition to see for yourself.   Web MD article and others)

Maybe we should have a Nutrition Consumption Contest matching Mature Cabbage eating against Microgreens.


We are working on an application where Microgreens will be included in Lunches for School Children as a supplement to existing sources of Nutrients.   Some would argue that getting them to ingest, not just be served, a daily requirement of Nutrition of .5 ounces of Microgreens in the form of a Tasty Smoothie is more practical than 1.25 pounds of vegetables or 5 Oranges, Apples, Bananas, etc. YOU THINK!!!

The same protocol of course exists for Elderly Care, Hospitals, etc, etc.

Family Services was another Event where we provided Microgreens to 375 guests as part of the Appetizer and Dinner Salad as well as sample bag for all to carry home.   Helen Page purchased the Full Flat (10 ounces) of Live Microgreens at the Silent Auction. Helen has been one of our most staunch supporters from Day One. Thanks,   Helen!!!

Lori and Brud trekked down to NYC and South Street Seaport for a day long exhibition on behalf of Dutchess County Tourism compliments of Mary Kay Verba and Lydia Higginson.   The DC Tourism Team is really doing a terrific job in promoting this important segment of our Economy.   Thanks to all at DCT!!!

Karole, Brud and Rocky attended an all day Community Wealth Building Summit at Vassar College which was Organized and Hosted by Justine Porter and Emma Flynn of Roy Budnick’s Heritage Center, Middle Main, Hudson River Housing. The objective was to bring local providers together with decision makers of local “Anchor Entities” to explore ways to do more business with local providers.   Vassar College, Vassar Hospital, Mid Hudson Medical, CIA, Marist College, Dutchess Community College. Central Hudson and others attended. I expect good things to come of that event.   Great work by many to put this together led by Justine and Emma!!!

By the end of next week we should be in all Adam’s, Nature’s Pantry and Mother’s Earth Stores.   We invite inquiries from any other retail outlets that specialize in Fresh Healthy Food sourced Locally.   Of course any other sources for use are also welcomed.

We had 150+ people visit us and take the tour and buy product at the First Ever First Friday event for the City of Poughkeepsie. (Lori Rolison’s great idea!!!)   Next Friday 5/6 we will do it all again. Stop by before you head to one of our local restaurants for Dinner.

We also did an exhibit at the Earth Day Event at Mural Park on Main St.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to see what’s up and please pass along any items of interest you come across so we can share them with our FB Friends.   We are especially looking for recipes, where you found our Products, where we should be and who to contact.

If you are participating in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), or get food delivered from services such as Blue Apron, Farms2Tables, etc let us know so that we can contact them to see if they would consider using IOGP products.

IOGP is going to be BIG! This is NOT a HOBBY!! We WILL revitalize the City of Poughkeepsie by turning vacant space into Garden’s and employ many workers in the Process.

We need and appreciate your Support.

Until next time,   “Eat your Greens, the Person you will make Healthy is YOU”!!

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