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We continue to move forward with our Micro Green Garden at 316 Main Street in the City of Poughkeepsie.  Several “test grows” have been very successful with Quantity and Quality at the highest level.

We are currently getting various Permits from local governing bodies after which we can proceed in earnest and start providing Produce to our Customers.

At this point we have contacted local Restaurants with enthusiastic support and an indication that they would be interested in sourcing their Micro’s from us.   We are also doing sampling demonstrations at Adams Fairacre Farms in Wappingers with great reception from their Customers.   We look forward to taking that format to other Specialty Retailers in the near future.

If you know of others who would appreciate knowing of our project, please pass them along to us and we will send them information.

Thanks for your consideration; we will be contacting you shortly to give you availability and prices of our Products.

Contact me for more information and a personal tour of our facility at 316 Main St in Poughkeepsie.

Karole Mundell, Director of Sales, Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie.

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