IOGOP Newsletter 2


A lot has happened since our last Update that I wanted to share with our Community regarding the Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie Project.

Some of the Groups and Entities that we have met with and continue to develop a supportive relationship with include:

Adams Fairacre Farms – In addition to offering our Products in their Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Stores, Mark Adams , the “growing guru” and prolific writer, visited us and produced an excellent article for the Northern Dutchess News depicting the nature of IOGP.   Thanks Adams and Mark for the support.

Vassar College – We recently had a group from Vassar College visit us, led by their Sustainability Director, Alistaire Hall.   Vassar is committed to the promotion and development of programs that address the important issues of Sustainability which includes Environmental as well as Personal Health and Wellness.   The IOGP Project fits nicely into the Sustainability space as it includes growing techniques that address these issues by limiting water use, no pesticides, no fertilizer, energy efficient lighting, nutrition intense product, utilization of unoccupied buildings, using local labor, and more.   We look forward to partnering with groups like this in the future.

Middle Main — This is a group made up of various Folk’s and Entities that have an interest in the Vitality and Renaissance of Main Street and the City of Poughkeepsie. We attended a meeting at the Heritage Center (317 Main St) attended by Business people, Hudson River Housing , and many others.

Demonstrations — Join us at Adams in Poughkeepsie on Feb 29th, 5-7 PM for the Garden Show AND Adams in Wappingers on March 13th , 11 AM – 3 PM for the Food Show.   We will have samples, Recipes and Nutritional info.

Red Barn – Our Micro Greens will be available shortly through Red Barn Distributors, a Local Premium Food Distributor.   Owners Kevin and Tamara Terr are Experts in all varieties of Food, especially Produce and specifically Micro Greens.

LeExpress, Artists Palette, Monte’s, Turtle and Rabbitt, Crew, Shadows, Main Course Caterers, Quattro’s, Marona’s, Health Nut Hut, Adams, Seravan, San Georgio’s, Crave, Lola’s and others are now using or sampling our Micro Greens.

Another avenue we are pursuing is area Schools, Hospitals, and Organizations where Highly Concentrated Natural Nutrition sources are required. According to a Web MD article, 1 ounce of Red Cabbage Micro Greens contains the same nutritional value as 2.5 lbs of Mature Red Cabbage.  We are working with Dutchess County officials to develop a program where Micro Greens, The Super Food, can be available to schools as part of a Research Project directed toward improving the nutritional intake and overall health of children and the society in general.   “FOOD IS MEDICINE”   Much more focus is needed on Preventive efforts (Diet and Exercise) for Healthy Outcomes.

We were happy to host Mayor Rob Rolison and his Wife Lori on a recent tour as well as Chef John Griffin of Ginsbergs Food Distributors, Bruce Kazan of Main Course, Eddie Kowalski of Crave and Lola’s, Chef Dafna of Monte’s, Genna Pallen of Health Nut Hut, Mary Kay Verba and Lydia Higginson of Dutchess County Tourism, Bill O’Neil, Deputy County Executive, Dr Henry Kurban DC Health Commissioner, Congressional Candidate Andrew Heany, Brandt Smith of Maple Lane Farms, Paul Hesse of DC Development, Herb Bullock of City of Poughkeepsie Development, Rob Lunski of GET, John Alba of Rock Hedge Herbs, Mark Adams, Nelson Rivera of Veterans Affairs, Loraine Kautz of Workforce Development, Diane DiDeminicus of DC Chamber Work Development, George and Phoebe Banta of Banta’s, Jane Banta Fisher of Poughkeepsie Garden Club, John Lekic of leExpress,Brooke Fedigan, Jim Gibbons and Daughter Riley, a group from the Poughkeepsie Farm Project, Feza Oktay of North River Roasters (another new Middle Main startup business), and many others.

Earl is expanding our production capacity daily, Karole is calling prospective customers, Lori and Ginny are harvesting and delivering product.

Folk’s like you continue to “spread the word” and remind your favorite Restauranteur and Food Vendor to check out IOGP for their Micro Green needs.

Face Book – We now have a Facebook page and invite you to join us on that Medium.

Until next time — Thanks for your Support!!!!

Brud, Lori, Earl, Ginny, Karole   (look for the announcement of our first hire on FB)



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